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Bynes Courier Services

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Courier Services

We’re here for you with efficient delivery options for your time-sensitive same-day deliveries. Whether you need one time pick up or frequent service, we're ready.

Bynes Courier Services caters to a broad spectrum of industries, and always makes sure your needs are met.

From choosing the best courier for you, to providing 24/7 availability, we go beyond anything average and always provide an exceptional service.

Coverage area: from Palm Beach Gardens to Boca Raton

Envelopes and Packages | Small and Large Boxes | Medical Supplies and Specimen | Time Sensitive Materials

Same Day | Next Day | Rush Services

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Who We Are

Established in 2005, The Bynes Company offers virtual office support services to many industries. Our skills also help to form successful business relationships with clients in today’s digital world.

Our vision is to bring quality and professional customer service through innovation and modern technology. Our mission is to provide business owners with the right tools and resources to help them increase productivity, and revenue.

Bynes Courier Services was set up in response to an increasing demand from our Bynes Company customers. We offer pick-up and drop-off services for documents, packages and other items with convenient scheduling.

The Bynes Company will provide an essential service to our clients. Whether we help solve problems, make decisions or offer instructions—we've got the skills and experience necessary to improve your operations.

Schedule Pick up and Delivery, Track jobs and Print POD

Benefits of Hiring Us

One benefit of using courier delivery services is that it allows companies to focus on their core business.

We remove the burden from your shoulders and allow you to devote more of your labor force to other tasks.

Turning the delivery process over to a specialist can also increase efficiency and contribute to lower operating costs. You'll appreciate the professionalism a dedicated courier service Bynes Courier Services provides.

Serving Palm Beach County

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Professional and dependable, serving

Palm Beach County

The Bynes Company Office Solutions, LLC 2022

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Courier Services

Snail Mail is too Slow!

We Deliver!

We can deliver letters and packages anywhere in West Palm Beach.

Including a 100 mile radius around the city 24/7/365.

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On Time!

So if you need to get it there on-time and in one piece, just remember:

Bynes Courier Services—Fast. Reliable. Professional!

Should you be using a courier service?

If your business regularly sends out packages—or if you need to coordinate with another company’s shipping department in a very tight timeframe—then yes.

We pride ourselves on delivering your materials in a jiffy. Give us a call now and we can get your order done within minutes! We accept credit cards, so there’s no need to worry about wasting valuable time.

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Mobile Notary Support

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Why Do You Need a Notary?

Everyone need a notary at some point in their life. And finding one can prove to be a daunting task. If you're unable to retain a local notary public, then using a mobile service provider will be just what you need.

They'll come to wherever suits your needs and all at times which are convenient for you. This will save you both time and effort as well as saving you traveling costs and disruption from important events or tasks.

RUSH Services Available

The Florida Statutes section on notarization is clear: notaries in Florida must refuse to notarize a document where the information is either missing or illegible.

If the signer presents an unreadable signature, the notary should refuse to notarize the document.

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Who Needs a Notary?

Offices that need to deal with documents that require notarization hire a notary public on a regular basis. The jobs these professionals do often involve: law offices, auto dealerships, lenders, insurance brokers and health care providers.

Thanks to mobile notaries, notary services are less costly and more convenient for individuals.

We are available Mon – Sat to provide notary services. We're fully compliant with Florida law and expect all perspective clients to have two forms of identification.

Service request for Courier and Mobile Notary Services must be made 24-48 hours in advance.

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Discounted rates for multiple or bulk orders.

Discounts available for long term customers.



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Bynes Courier picked up our packages on time and delivered them in the time frame we scheduled.

- Wendy Salinas, Administrative Assistant

We needed papers to be delivered to the courthouse STAT. Bynes Courier Services was able to do just that...STAT!

- Hailey Copeland, Paralegal

Time is of the essence. We had a Rush order. We worked with Orion on whether or not Rush was something they could do. Bynes got it done.

- Thomas Larson, Office Manager

Courier Services

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"Our Work is What Powers Your Business!"

We are available to speak with you when you need us!

Phone: 866-50-BYNES

Fax: 561-516-8712

Address: PO Box 222232

West Palm Beach, Fl 33422

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